2020 XRH Workshop Fire Drill Emergency Plan Fire

2020-04-17 16:16 Dolores

2020 XRH Workshop Fire Drill Emergency Plan Fire


On April 17th, our company organized a fire drill, in order to further strengthen the fire safety education of workers, improve fire prevention and control capabilities and emergency response capabilities, learn to use fire extinguishers and facilities correctly.

With the help of high attention of company leaders and active participation of each class, the exercise achieved the expected goal, but there were also many shortcomings.

In order to do a good job in the exercise, the management department formulated a detailed action plan and organized firefighting training in advance. The division of labor in each department was clear about that. With the assistance of the General Affairs Department, the equipment, tools, and materials required for the exercise were prepared well.

The relevant action command procedures have been laid down for the smooth implementation of the exercise.






    The drill has attracted the attention of the company's leaders. In order to organize the drill well, the company's leaders held a special meeting and required all departments to cooperate closely and execute the plan strictly, so as to make the drill a success with regular procedures and orderly evacuation and active participation of fire brigade members